sticky note

purpose: collect information on what sticky notes are and what tcl software begins to meet the needs.

In the beginning, there was a 3M paper product, originally yellow, which had a thin strip of gentle adhesive. The note pads permitted one to write a quick note, gently pull the note off the pad, slap it onto a document, knowing that the original document would not suffer damage by the adhesive.

Later, programmers began creating information manager programs which allowed one to quickly jot off notes. Sometimes, the notes could be attached to a file (perhaps even a particular location within a file?), or, in the case of the MacOS stickies, just appear on the desktop. is an article that discusses a few such applications, mentioning in particular one - StickyBrain - with some very nice features.

So far, I've found references on the internet to how one could create application with sticky note facilities in incr tcl in an hour. A page mentioning tkpim calls it an auto-hyper-linking sticky note program. Some people may even think of the wiki as a sort of sticky note pad application...

If anyone however knows of other such applications, perhaps they will drop a reference here?

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