Who is Superlinux?

Superlinux is Rani Fayez Ahmad (in Arabic script: راني فايز أحمد) . A Palestinian programmer living in Lebanon. Born in 23rd April 1979. He has Masters degree in Information Technologies from James Cook University of the Far North Queensland of Australia (year 2008). He has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Arts and Sciences University of Beirut, Lebanon (year 2003). He worked for many I.T. firms and companies through out his career.

The main contribution that Rani makes to TCL/Tk is publishing tutorial videos about the language Tcl/Tk on YouTube . Click here to go to his YouTube channel (ranixlb). You should find the tutorial explained by Rani in Arabic and in English.

Also He is one of the administrators of the Facebook group of Tcl/Tk on this link .

You can find some of Rani works and products on his private website . Many accounting and engineering Tcl/Tk based apps can be found on this page for available for free.

When you want to get a complete comprehensive more than 30 video tutorials from A to Z in Tcl and Tk , you should to download this Android Application Also in Arabic and in English. Please it's recommended to use a Android tablet or a pad to watch them.

Also in July 2013 he made the Arabic language look properly in Tk from directly input of Arabic characters without transliteration. See the page Arabic Character Renderer For Readability In TCL/Tk

In December 7, 2013, Rani published a 200 pages book in Arabic about how to program in Tcl/Tk ( Title in Arabic is:" Tcl/Tk كيف تبرمج بلغة " ) . The book is published as an Android application. The application can be downloaded from:

In December 23, 2013, Rani made a YouTube playlist about how to use Tcl as web server side scripting language, using the library "Rivet" to make web based applications. The YouTube playlist is now published as an Android application: