Tabulate is a command line utility that converts the standard input into pretty-printed tables. It is also a Tcl module that does the same with lists of lists. It was inspired by . Tabulate works in Tcl 8.5+ and Jim Tcl.

It is now developed as part of the Sqawk project.

Download the latest version: curl > tabulate.tcl

Use example

Command line

$ ps | jimsh ./tabulate.tcl   
│ PID │ TTY │  TIME  │ CMD │
│20583│pts/3│00:00:01│ zsh │
│23301│pts/3│00:00:00│  ne │
│28007│pts/3│00:00:00│  ps │

(Note: The above is a toy example. To parse more complicated output from ps where the commands may contain spaces, use Sqawk. See the relevant examples in Sqawk's README.)


% source tabulate.tcl
% ::tabulate::tabulate -data {{Hello World} {11 101}}
│ 11  │ 101 │


Below are the options you can pass to tabulate.tcl on the command line and/or the procedure ::tabulate::tabulate in Tcl.

Option Description Example
-FS (command line only) The field separator for the input. If set to an empty string, which is the default, any Tcl whitespace is treated as a separator. -FS ,
-data (Tcl only) The data to format. -data {{foo bar} {11 101}}
-style The characters with which to draw the table. Set to default for Unicode or loFi for 7-bit ASCII. -style loFi
-align or -alignments Which way (left, right, or center, the default) to align the text in each column. This only makes a difference if a cell's contents is narrower than the full width of the column. It has no effect if all cells' contents is the same width. -align "left center right"
-margins The number of extra spaces to put on each side of the contents of each cell (zero by default). -margins 5

::tabulate::options DSL

Tabulate's code includes a DSL for processing named arguments stored in args.

Use example

proc ::tabulate::tabulate args {
    options::process $args \
        store -data in data \
        store -style in style default $::tabulate::style::default \
        store -alignments or -align in align default {} \
        store -margins in margins default 0

    # ...


JM 2015-08-03: I am probably doing something wrong:

 % info tclversion
 % info patchlevel
 % source tabulate.tcl
 % ::tabulate::tabulate -data {{Hello World!}}
 wrong # args: should be "dict exists dictionary key ?key ...?"

dbohdan 2015-08-03: I cannot reproduce that on my system by just following your transcript. Could you file an issue at ?

JM 2015-08-03: never mind, I found the error on my side...there were spaces after the "\" line continuations, hence breaking the command. Somehow I got that from the copy-paste from the source.

 ¦Thanks¦for¦sharing¦      ¦    ¦
 ¦ This ¦ is¦   a   ¦second¦line¦

APN 2015-11-20: Neat and useful. One small caveat - you have to remember to use -encoding utf-8 with the source command since the style::default variable embeds graphics as raw UTF-8 characters. For cases where you don't have control of the source command used to pull in the tabulate.tcl file (for example with critcl), below is the equivalent using escape sequences.

    variable default {
        top {
            left \U250C
            padding \U2500
            separator \U252C
            right \U2510
        separator {
            left \U251C
            padding \U2500
            separator \U253C
            right \U2524
        row {
            left \U2502
            padding { }
            separator \U2502
            right \U2502
        bottom {
            left \U2514
            padding \U2500
            separator \U2534
            right \U2518


See .

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