taipudex lookup

is an incremental method to select a list element by pressing its discriminating letters only. Sequences common to strings with the same prefix are shown in advance. Number and position of significant letters depend on different letters available and the length of the longest common prefix at the appropriate positions.

The available options in each step are best presented in dictionary order or due to unicode collation algorithm.

The method is like a recursive Rolodex with optimized card tabs:

  • empty cards are not available
  • each turn of a card opens a new index with unique completions visible
  • each turn appends the cards label to the previous
  • the last card can start an action

It may be implemented as a virtual keyboard to look up strings efficiently. An experimental AndroWish app to be used on ChromeOS or Android mobile devices is available


The Android app was run on Chrome OS with accessibiltiy settings big pointer and motion visualization. To see this features in the video vokoscreen tool recorded the selected area of a Chrome browser tab https://remotedesktop.google.com