Since 11/17/1998, tcLex has a dedicated mailing list. The Web site for this list is: .

 What: transcriber
 Description: Tool for assisting the creation of speech corpora.
        Allows one to manually segment, label and transcribe
        speech signals for laster use in auto speech processing.
        Developed in Tcl/Tk, and C, and requires Snack and tcLex.
        Tested on Linux, Solaris, SGI, and Windows NT.
 Updated: 07/2000
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] ("subscribe transcriber-announce")

 What: tcLex
 Description: Tcl based lexical analyzer (ala lex).  Dynamically generates
        Tcl commands, uses Tcl regular expressions and namespaces,
        Can be used on Windows 95/NT, Unix, and Macintosh but should work
        on any Tcl platform.  Works with Tcl 8.x.  Mailing list available
        on egroups.  V1.2a1 is now available for test.
 Updated: 07/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Frédéric BONNET)

One nice thing about tcLex is that it is thoroughly documented on a level suitable for neophytes (something hard to find in the parsing/lexing field). It might make a very good tool for teaching introductory concepts of parsing.

See also Bonnet's misc Tcl/Tk items.

Code with some bug fixes: [L1 ]