The tclDisk is my floppy linux template disk. This disk contains the bare minimum for a bootable networkable linux floppy. This floppy image includes a minimal linux kernel with module support, iptables, basic system and networking utilities, and the means to add your own startup scripts, modules, and programs by modifying files on an msdos disk.

The floppy disk will create a running linux system in a 4 meg ramdisk. It will then use the contents of the floppy disk to configure the running linux system. After each reboot the ramdisk is erased and recreated with the same inital setup so any required configuration options must be handled in the initial startup scripts. After booting, the system will mount the floppy disk as /floppy and run /floppy/rc.d. In this way you can configure the disk as you like by modifying the rc.d script and adding your own modules. I include an example rc.d script which takes its configuration from the /floppy/etc directory starting most network functions.