tcldb , by Wojciech Kocjan, is a database abstraction layer

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Resolving Table Creation Dependencies with tcldb

# move the old proc command out of the way rename proc ::tcl::proc # create a replacement proc that registers all occurrences of proc creation # into the global proc_to_filename_map variable ::tcl::proc proc args {

    global proc_to_filename_map
    set proc_to_filename_map([lindex $args 0]) [info script]
    uplevel 1 [linsert $args 0 ::tcl::proc]




It may not be the most lightweight interface, but it seems to do the trick. It also (which IMHO is more important) handles some differences between databases (like FORMAT_DATE vs TO_CHAR, NOW vs CURRENT_* and so on).

tcldb includes a record and replay system for Tcl/Tk: "... all that is needed to do this (and do fancy widget matching). See ... to have a quick tour on how it works. Look for tcldb::testwidget."