What Tclog
(working archive mirror of the project webpage and downloads)
(dbohdan's v1.2.1 that switches FTP to passive mode, makes the GUI use Ttk)
Description Weblog application, with no server side script requirements. Uploads entries via FTP. Has a Tk GUI. Features RSS 1.0, HTML templates, trackback, wiki like formatting rules, etc.
License 3-clause BSD license
Updated 2004-02 (original), 2014-07 (v1.2.1)


Tclog screenshot


escargo 2012-04-27 -- Attempted to check out the application, but following the link gives a message that says the project doesn't exist.

dbohdan 2014-07-19: Added a Wayback Machine mirror. Mirrored code in a Fossil repository.

See also RSS, HTML, FTP, wiki, weblog, static site generator.