What: tclpython
 Description: Tcl extension which allows you to create python interpreters
        from within a Tcl application and evaluate python code.
        Currently at version 5.0
 Updated: 2017-11

This package allows the execution of Python code from a Tcl interpreter, as in:

package require tclpython
set interpreter [python::interp new]
$interpreter exec {print("Hello World")}
puts [$interpreter eval 3/2.0]
python::interp delete $interpreter

which outputs:

Hello World

It works by creating one or more embedded Python interpreters and sending them strings to evaluate or execute. Modules can be loaded in the Python interpreter as if it were the real Python program.

Also supports importing the Python3 interpreter:

package require tclpython3
set interpreter [python3::interp new]

If you have any issues, please submit bugs as issue tickets here:

I'll be far more likely to notice them since I probably won't check this page all that often.