TclRSS is a Tcl library for parsing RSS 0.91/1.0 files.

MPJ: Here is an example of using TclRSS to read the Recent Changes page.

 package require http
 package require rss
 proc fetch {url} {
    set tok [http::geturl $url]
    set res [http::data $tok]
    http::cleanup $tok
    return $res
 set rawrss [fetch]
 #set rawrss [fetch] ;# also works for slashdot
 set channel [rss::parse $rawrss]
 puts "Feed:[$channel title]"
 puts "===="; set count 0
 foreach item [$channel items] {
    puts "[incr count]. [$item title]"
    puts "$count. [$item link]"
    puts "$count. [$item description]"
    puts "===="

Update (16/06/2004): Playing around with RSS, for a upcoming application RssPoint, I added just a little code to RS's A little XML browser to create A little RSS browser.

MG Does anyone have a mirror of TclRSS? As of July 13 2012, the link above is broken (anything on the domain gives a 403 Forbidden error).

dbohdan 2020-09-05: Fixed the link.