TCLsc (TCL script compiler) is a tool for Tcl developers. (Last update seems to have been in 1999)

Do you want to keep your customers from seeing and modifying your source code? TCLsc Compiler allows you to compile a Tcl script into a binary application or package library, so that your source code doesn't leave your site.

TCLsc makes it easy to create evaluations copies of your Tcl applications or packages. Lastly, TCLsc allows the use of all functionalities of TCL/TK.

TCLsc converts the user Tcl source files into byte codes, that are evaluated during execution by the TCLsc byte-code engine. A great part of TCLsc byte-code engine is implemented in TCL, and a small part is written in C.

TCLsc reads the user TCL source files, and then compiles them together with the TCLsc byte-code engine(TCL part), creating a byte code version of the script. This byte code version of the code is added to a C file. This C file is then compiled with the TCLsc library and Tcl/tk libraries.

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