tonytraductor : This screenshot is the result of a days hacking, in response to a little challenge. TclScreen

My nephew [L1 ] a nifty little script in perl that grabs a screen shot, and loads it to his webserver. Not much to it, really, but, cool, anyway, since the kid's all of 16 (but a genius).

So, I looked at his script, and said, hmmm...I could do that in tcl/tk, wrap it in a gui, and give it more features. Mine (pictured in the screenshot) waits the user configured delay, grabs a screenshot, then shows the user a preview in a tcl/tk window, offers editing in gimp, then allows the user to upload it to the server, then, allows the user to open the url to which it has been uploaded in a browser, just to check it there, and to get the url for quick posting to a blog or profile, etc.

My nephew's script uses scp to copy the file over to the remote server, and I was able to use that here, to make an image and copy it to another machine on my network, but, my web host server doesn't allow ssh access, so, I had to figure out how to do it with ftp.