What: tclsvc

 Description: Tiny custom tcl interpreter and extension which can install,
        remove and run Windows NT services.  Built against Tcl v8.0.3 but
        should work with any Tcl 8.x service.
        You must have a functional msvcrt.dll.
        Currently at version 1.1 .
 Updated: 10/2001
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  (Matt Newman)
        mailto:[email protected] 

escargo 4 Apr 2005 - The version I loaded from sensus still says version 1.1, but it says it was compiled and linked against Tcl 8.4, and the Readme.txt file was dated 2004-03-03.

Also there is said to be a derivative software item at

See: Winserv

tclsvc - Tcl as an NT Service

A similar but unrelated project: tclsvc : A minimalistic NT service runner for Tcl scripts.

TWAPI also has a module with this functionality.