TclTkD is a minimal desktop environment written in Tcl/Tk.


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The user interface for TclTkD is a simple text editing window without excessive frills. Various things such as directory listings, playlists, bookmarks are represented as text. Tcl scripts can be embedded and evaluatated, and the program can be extended in this manner. Tk widgets can also be embedded. Web and multimedia contents are handled by optcl. TclTkD features the following behaviours:

Evaluate arithmetic expressions (like "doit" in Smalltalk).
glob-style file matching.
open selected file + Control-Return
open a web browser to this wiki.
Bookmarks favorite files and data
realized in a special way

TclTkD is wrapped by WinTclTk's Tkwrap, and distributed as a single executable.

AMG 2015-03-10: Wait, what does Control-Return do? Evaluate expressions or open a browser? Giving it a test, I see the former behavior, but browsers are present in the screenshots.

PYK 2015-03-10: I just fixed the description -- maybe it's more accurate now. I'm deriving this information from the website.

escargo 2008-05-30: I ran into a problem:

wrong # args: should be "Retreive file ?pg? ?mode?"
wrong # args: should be "Retreive file ?pg? ?mode?"
    while executing
"Retreive C:/Documents and Settings/David Cargo/My Documents/My Downloads"
    (menu invoke)

At a guess, a file name with spaces isn't being properly handled by menu invoke.

Yes,It shoud be put in some Simple path,like C:/Programs/Tcl, E:/TclTk in usb,...

tb 2008-06-02: Well, actually it should read...

Retreive [file join C: "Documents and Settings" "David Cargo" "My Documents" "My Downloads"] be system independent. I mean, it's all there, why don't use it? :)

MG: In that [file join on Windows, you actually need to use C:/ (or C:\\, {C:\}, etc), otherwise it returns

C:Documents and Settings/etc

which isn't valid. At a guess, the program is probably using something like

-command "Retrieve $file"

when it should be using

-command [list Retrieve $file]

tcltkd (originator) 2008-06-03: file join or list is indeed the proper way when you execute it directly. But,TclTkd frequently handles plain text as file name(s), so tcltkd uses very tricky way: "replace all spaces by backquote vice/versa". The corrected program is uploaded on 2nd June.