This is a Tcl interface to XPCom[L1 ], Netscape/Mozilla's answer to Microsoft's COM.

This should enable one to do with tcl everything one can do with Javascript in Mozilla browsers.

It's available here:

20040618 CMcC: I got it to compile with the following:

    ./configure --with-mozilla-lib=/usr/lib/ --with-mozilla-includes=/usr/include/mozilla --with-mozilla-home=/usr/lib/mozilla

You also need to add a line at the top of TclXPCOMPrivate.h:

    #include "nsDebug.h"

From there, it compiles perfectly well on my Debian box.

Given that XPCOM is supposed to be "cross platform," how would you build on Microsoft Windows? gives some potentially good news. While it's possible to get tclsh running inside mozilla, with tclxpcom giving access to the DOM, XUL and such, it's never been possible to write <script type='text/tcl'> ... tcl script ... </script>, perhaps this patch will make it into mozilla, and enable that facility.

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