tdot - Thingy DOT writer - package to create dot files and image files for the Graphviz tools with a syntax close to Tcl and to the dot language.


DDG 2021-09-06: The package provides one command tdot which can hold currently just a single dot code collection. All commands will be evaluated within the tdot namespace. In comparison to the Graphviz tcldot and the gvtcl packages this package uses directly the Graphviz executables and has a syntax very close to the dot language. So there is no need to consult special API pages for the interface. It is therefore enough to consult the few methods in the documentation and the standard dot or neato documentation. There are a few restrictions because of this, for instance you can’t delete nodes and edges, you can only use shape=invis to hide a node or edge at a later point for instance.



Below a few examples from the Manual :

# demo: synopsis
package require tdot
tdot set type "strict digraph G"
tdot graph margin=0.2 
tdot node width=1 height=0.7 style=filled fillcolor=salmon shape=box
tdot block rank=same A B C
tdot addEdge A -> B
tdot node A label="Hello"
tdot node B label="World" fillcolor=skyblue
tdot edge dir=back
tdot addEdge B -> C
tdot node C label="Powered by\n tdot"
tdot write tdot-synopsis.png


Using the Tk canvas as output:

# demo: write
package require Tk
pack [canvas .can -background white] -side top -fill both -expand true
package require tdot
tdot set code ""
tdot graph margin=0.4
tdot node style=filled fillcolor=salmon shape=hexagon
tdot addEdge A -> B
tdot node A label="tdot"
tdot node B label="Hello World!"  
tdot write .can
.can create rect 10 10 290 250 -outline red ;# standard canvas commands still work


Switch to neato layout:

tdot set code ""
tdot set type "graph N" ;# switch to neato as layout engine
tdot addEdge n0 -- n1 -- n2 -- n3 -- n0;
tdot node n0 color=red style=filled fillcolor=salmon
tdot write dot-neato.png


Switch to circo layout:

tdot set code ""
tdot set type "strict digraph G" ; # back to dot
tdot graph layout=circo ;# switch to circo (circular layout engine)
tdot addEdge A -> B -> C -> D -> A
tdot write dot-circle2.png


For more examples see the manual page .


  • Version 0.2.0 - adding dotstring function to directly load graphs from standard dot texts

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