teacup list

This teacup subcommand is used to produce lists of packages, optionally restricting to just those that aren't installed or are in need of updates.

The command "teacup list --at-default" will list what is installed locally, without reference to the network.

An example of the output:

$ teacup list tclxslt
entity  name    version                   platform
------- ------- ------------------------- --------
package Tclxslt source
------- ------- ------------------------- --------
1 entity found

$ teacup list teacup
entity      name   version        platform
----------- ------ -------------- ---------------------
application teacup linux-glibc2.2-ix86
application teacup solaris2.6-sparc
application teacup aix-powerpc
application teacup hpux-parisc
application teacup linux-glibc2.3-ix86
application teacup linux-glibc2.3-x86_64
application teacup macosx-universal
application teacup solaris2.8-sparc
application teacup solaris2.10-ix86
application teacup win32-ix86
----------- ------ -------------- ---------------------
10 entities found

$ teacup list Trf
entity  name version                   platform
------- ---- ------------------------- ---------------------
package Trf  2.1.2                     linux-glibc2.2-ix86
package Trf  2.1.2                     solaris2.6-sparc
package Trf source
package Trf  2.1.3                     aix-powerpc
package Trf  2.1.3                     hpux-parisc
package Trf  2.1.3                     linux-glibc2.3-ix86
package Trf  2.1.3                     linux-glibc2.3-x86_64
package Trf  2.1.3                     macosx-universal
package Trf  2.1.3                     solaris2.8-sparc
package Trf  2.1.3                     solaris2.10-ix86
package Trf  2.1.3                     win32-ix86
package Trf source
------- ---- ------------------------- ---------------------
12 entities found
    teacup list ?--http-proxy HOST:PORT? ?-v? ?--timeout SEC? ?--at-default? ?--at DIR? 
    ?--as profile|table|csv? ?--only uninstalled|unknown|newer|update? ?--is ENTITY? ?NAME ?VERSION??

This command lists all instances of the NAMEd package found in the configured set of archives. The output can be restricted to a specific VERSION of the package, or forced to contain all packages (by specifying neither NAME nor VERSION).

If a NAME was specified, but nothing was found, the command does a case-insensitive substring search for candidate names and then re-does the operation for all found candidates. This fixes typos like 'bwidget' instead of 'BWidget', but also means that 'zlib' will find 'zlibtcl', etc.

        --only uninstalled|newer|unknown|update

            Limiter option for output.

            unknown, uninstalled

                Of the installable entities known to the registered
                archives, show only those not installed in the
                installation repository.

            update, newer

                Of the installable entities known to the registered
                archives, show only those which are installed in the
                installation repository and have a newer version in

        The other options are standard options, explanations can be
        had via

            teacup help options

HJG 2009-10-02 How can I restrict the list (without using something like grep) to packages of a certain platform, and/or to only have the latest version of each package listed ?


teacup help list

shows only the ability to list a group of items or a specific entity. I do not, currently, see a way to say Show me only the items that run on linux or windows or ...