teacup proxy

This is a teacup subcommand designed to help teacup navigate a site's proxy.

[TODO: Describe what it does]

MHo 2010-05-11 - How to set up proxy authentication? Actually, our proxy requires an username and a password. I couldn't update any more.

AK: teacup uses the autoproxy package to pick up the relevant information.

MHo Yes, but how can I hand my credentials to teacup.exe?

AKgnome - 2011-02-15 18:53:44

The autoproxy package pulls the credentials out of environment variables and/or registry. I do not remember the exact names and keys. The autoproxy documentation (linked through the wiki page) should have that however.

MHo Sorry, I overlooked the http_proxy_user and http_proxy_pass env vars. It all works now. Hope I don't forget to clear the env var afterwords....