TEASE (Text Editing And Scripting Environment)

 Where: http://tease.sf.net/ 
 Description: Text editor designed to provide a common editing and scripting
        environment across multiple operating systems.  Written entirely
        in Tcl/Tk.
        Currently at version 1.3.1 .
 Updated: 06/2005
 Contact: chess dot h at comcast dot net

A text editor designed for use in a multiple-O/S development environment, and with a few timesaving features that come in handy from time to time.

written by chess hazlett



Latest version includes bookmarks menu and config window, command menu and config area, and more.

See also IDE

MB: Tease allows to encrypt/decrypt the files. I downloaded the source code and read the script lib-crypt.tcl. Is that an original contribution or is it extracted from another library ? Why not using fileutil::des ?