Is there anybody out there who can give some usage examples?

ADr: A first usage example is provided by the tepam introduction (see link on the top of this page). More examples are provided in an interactive demo that is part of tcllib (on Windows: <TclInstallPath>\demos\Tcllib\tepam). Hope this gives a good starting point.

MHo: What strikes me: How to get the values from argument_dialogbox back, if argument_dialogbox is called as an alias from within a slave interpreter? The variables are created in the main interpreter, where the module is loaded. There is no access to those vars from a slave interpreter... I mean without defining a wrapper prog for fetching back each and every var...


  • Is it possible to change aspects like padding and Binding other than via global option setting, if at all?
  • How to center a argument_dialogbox-window?
  • The argument_dialogbox-windows didn't get the input focus (at least at Windows). How to specify the first entry which does get input focus?
  • The -optional 0 option doesn't seem to work for me

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milarepa - 2012-11-23 23:11:43

I used tepam for Create words from a text file (list).