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Contains for example the core of the template and macro processor expand. Released since Tcllib 1.2.

Module contains:

  • textutil::adjust string ?option value...?
  • textutil::adjust::getPredefined filename
  • textutil::adjust::listPredefined
  • textutil::adjust::readPatterns filename
  • textutil::indent string prefix ?skip?
  • textutil::undent string

    • See also ycl dedent, which considers tabs when determining how to remove indentation.
  • textutil::strRepeat string num
  • textutil::blank num

  • textutil::splitn string ?len?
    len defaults to 1
  • textutil::splitx string ?regexp?
    regexp defaults to [\t \r\n]+

  • textutil::cap string
  • textutil::chop string
  • textutil::longestCommonPrefixList list
  • textutil::longestCommonPrefix ?string?
  • textutil::tail string
  • textutil::uncap string

  • textutil::tabify string ?num?
  • textutil::tabify2 string ?num?
  • textutil::untabify string ?num?
  • textutil::untabify2 string ?num?
    tab above defaults to 8

  • textutil::trim string ?regexp?
  • textutil::trimleft string ?regexp?
  • textutil::trimright string ?regexp?
  • textutil::trimPrefix string prefix
  • textutil::trimEmptyHeading string
    regexp above defaults to [\t \r\n]+

  • textutil::expand
    Note: This command comes in its own package
  • textutil::expander
    This package is used by doctools.

escargo 30 May 2007 - This seems to be documentation for a version prior to Tcl 8.2, textutil 0.7.1.