What: Thyrd Visual Programming Language 
 Description: Thyrd is an experimental, reflective, visual
        programming language and environment. In Thyrd,
        both data and code are stored in cells situated
        in nested two-dimensional grids. All operations
        the user can perform to edit the structure are
        implemented as operators in the Thyrd language, 
        thus a Thyrd program can inspect and modify 
        itself or other programs in the same space. 
        Thyrd belongs to the Forth family of languages. 
        It most resembles Joy in that it uses quotation
        and combinators to implement iteration and 

        Thyrd is implemented in Tcl/Tk using TkZinc and
        Poet. Thyrd also resembles Tcl in that EIAS
        is a fundamental principle of the language.
Currently at version 0.2.0.
Updated: 11/2008
Contact: See web site