Time-lapse photography with a webcam


 What:                tilaphos (Time-Lapse Photographs)
 Where:                http://tilaphos.sourceforge.net
 Description:        tilaphos (acronym from time-lapse photographs), 
                is an experiment for taking time-lapse photographs with a webcam. 
                It is written mostly for portable devices that can be mounted
                close to a scene, and for this reason it has oversized buttons
                and makes use of piemenus in its GUI, in an effort to provide
                easier control for touch screens operated with fingers.
                tilaphos can help stage time-lapse physics and biology
                experiments for educational purposes.
 Plugins:        Mini web server for streaming multipart jpeg images.
 Gallery:        http://www.youtube.com/tilaphos
 Manual:        http://tilaphos.sourceforge.net/manual.html
 Version:        0.31
 Updated:        2007/10/13
 Contact:        dzach at users period sourceforge dot net

dzach: tilaphos is based on tkvideo by Pat Thoyts and ffmpeg by Fabrice Bellard et al.

How to mount a webcam for mobile use

Changes in CVS HEAD:

  • Added user data capability to 'On Photo Data'.
  • Added provision for hooks to 'tick' events.
  • Added project images preview capability when not recording, by binding Left, Right, Up, Down, Home and End keys.

Changes in version 0.31:

  • Added plugin directory and a mini www server for multipart jpeg streaming.

Changes in version 0.30:

  • Incremental snap_shots_n directories.
  • Configurable start/stop time.
  • Skin.
  • Changed data on picture mechanism.
  • Movable data locator box.