From a comp.lang.tcl thread called Tcl/Tk 8.5 vs iwidgets 4.0.2, from August 2008

> Jeff, since I don't see a man page for tk::classic::restore, and I 
> don't, yet, see a wiki page for it, can you share a bit more detail 
> for the consequences of using it - what "good reasons" are going to be 
> countered? 

> Right now, in my case, the applications are running on one platform. 
> There's no issue about compatibility with MacOS or Windows. I'm 
> guessing this command "turns off" some of the hard work you and some 
> of the others put into making Tk look "more contemporary". Are there 
> any other consequences as well? 

No, it's basically the latter.  You can look at lib/tk8.5/obsolete.tcl 
(the filename should be a good indicator ;) ) to see what exactly is 
restored.  Mostly color, with a few borderwidth and font changes. 

See also