tk caret window

tk caret window ?-x x? ?-y y? ?-height height?

Sets and queries the caret location for the display of the specified Tk window window. The caret is the per-display cursor location used for indicating global focus (e.g. to comply with Microsoft Accessibility guidelines), as well as for location of the over-the-spot XIM (X Input Methods) or Windows IME windows. If no options are specified, the last values used for setting the caret are return in option-value pair format. -x and -y represent window-relative coordinates, and -height is the height of the current cursor location, or the height of the specified window if none is given.

escargo 2 Oct 2003 - I put the word "window" in italics instead of bold because the command takes window as an argument, not a literal, despite how it is depicted in the online documentation ( ). It's probably a documentation bug of long standing.