tk useinputmethods

tk useinputmethods ?-displayof window? ?boolean?

Sets and queries the state of whether Tk should use XIM (X Input Methods) for filtering events. The resulting state is returned. XIM is used in some locales (ie: Japanese, Korean), to handle special input devices. This feature is only significant on X. If XIM support is not available, this will always return 0. If the window argument is omitted, it defaults to the main window. If the boolean argument is omitted, the current state is returned. This is turned on by default for the main display.

When interacting with kinput2, a popular unix japanese input method program, one has the option of several styles of input method - over the spot, root, etc.

Will Tk ever support being able to specify which of the styles should be used?

DKF: When/if someone supplies the code, yes. Until then… not likely.