tkWorld Desktop

If you were expecting maps, see tkWorld.

What TkWorld — "TkWorld will replace your xterm"
Where — dead link as of 2002-08-23 has a copy
Description Wes's Own Really Lazy Desktop provides a Tk interface to popular Unix commands.
Each application's interface has a command center, toolbar and log window. Currently these applications are developed:
tkFind, tkGrep, tkMake, as well as chmod, mkdir, ps, and rmdir, as well as built in dir, ls, and cd commands as well as a number of other std Unix commands, tkLB (a little HTML browser), tkREM (a regular expression maker), tkSort (a GUI interface to Unix sort), tkWinstall (GUI install tool, used to install/deinstall tkWorld). Software is released under the GNU General Public License.
Currently at v1.4.0.
Updated 1998-10
Author Wes Bailey


This software was around at one time - people in the community have copies of it. However, the authority location is still being sought.

Does anyone have an interest in the last release of the tkworld desktop software?