tkosiak is a favorite screen name for Tomasz Kosiak <tkosiak at gmail d.o.t com>


I am an entrepreneur living and running my firm DAC System in Gdansk (Trojmiasto) in northern Poland.

At DAC System we heavily rely on Tcl technology to build server component of our SCADA System. The other part - UI is build as RIA (Rich Internet Application) using AJAX & some Adobe Flex.

I am constantly seeking young programming talents to realize their potential and dreams in my firm.

This is why I've submitted Tcl application for Google Summer of Code 2007 - see [L1 ]

I've also actively participated in coordinating efforts to produce common Tcl/Tk/AOLserver/OpenACS application for Google Summer of Code 2008.


My interests include:

  1. HTTP Server in pure Tcl (one to rule them all)
  2. HTTP/1.1 client library in pure Tcl
  3. Tcl/Tk/Tile based cross platform framework for development of database application UI (like build with RAD's such as Borland Delphi)
  4. Utility to run Tcl scripts as MS Windows services
  5. Bittorrent client in Tcl to show Tcl networking capabilities, ease of deployment (starpack) and crossplatform native UI support with Tk/Tile

Here is my controversial GSoC 2008 anti-wub proposal (I'm kidding) ;)


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