Description of Tkoutline

tkoutline - is an outline editor (wiki URL: . It is distributed as a starkit, a win32 starpack, and as a standard tar distributed source tree.


Phil Where can we find the post 093 version?


Phil There is no question about it. Tkoutline is probably one of the best outliners that have ever been programmed. With the post 0.93 version that has Preferences, Tkoutline has become the first build-it-yourself outliner. Unlike other outliners, it does not have a zillion features. It simply has what is needed and for me that's more than enough. I use this program all the time and I would have gladly paid a thousand dollars for it. Too bad Brian Theado is not completing it for he is very close to the end. All he really needs to do is fine-tune it here and there. I am not a big fan of the zillion features application myself and I like simple to use programs that don't do much but what they do they do well.

Tkoutline does that. It is my all-time favourite Tcl-Tk application and I recommend this program to anyone who needs to do serious writing and serious thinking. I love the idea of writing an item per idea and shuffling my ideas around with TkOutline. Whenever you'll see me typing away on TKOutline, you can tell I'm doing serious work.

I sincerely hope Brian will finish Tkoutline for it is definitely a very very major Tcl-Tk application.

Version 093

Version 0.93 released on 08-Apr-04

Tkoutline uses a modified wikit as its website. The date at the bottom of each page is a link to the same page with the its most recent changes highlighted. Also, the Contents link at the bottom of each page provides the functionality I posted at Wiki hierarchical table of contents.

2006-05-22 An 'outline' is presumably what is described here:

2004-03-29, SB The 'beta' version 0.93 available from the author is really a gem. He has added support for magic buttons and this give a possibility to have a repository of tcl snippets that can be edited and run from the repository. Here is a simple example:

        [%canvas magic button%]
            toplevel .t
            wm title .t  {Testing Canvas}
            canvas .t.c
            button .t.b -text Close -command {destroy .t}
            pack .t.c .t.b
            .t.c create text 100 100 -text "Hello World"

2004-04-08, Brian Theado - that 'beta' version has now been officially released.

Suggestions for new features

2004-11-19, MDD - How about adding the ability to export to Open Office Impress slide format, so that you can use tkoutline in lieu of Impress' outline view to draft the text for a set of slides, then use Imposter [L1 ] to view them? (idea inspired by a post by Barry Kauler to the Puppy Linux forum)

2004-11-21, Brian Theado - I've heard that Open Office uses XML format. If the Impress XML format is simple enough, then this would be pretty easy to do. Tkoutline already has export to OPML (XML based) and HTML and another XML format shouldn't be very difficult.

Where are you Brian?