UUDeview is a replacement for the uuencode/uudecode programs.

It was written by Frank Pilhofer and comes with a Tcl/Tk-based front-end called xdeview.

 What: uudeview
 Where: http://www.fpx.de/fp/Software/UUDeview
 Description: A decoder that automatically detects
        the type of encoding used in a text file, offering MIME base64
        and BinHex as well as the popular uuencoding and the less
        frequently used xxencoding methods. It can be built to use a Tk
        front-end. Also includes uuenview encoder.
 Updated: 11/1996
 Contact:  mailto:[email protected]  (Frank Pilhofer)

 What: UUDeview wrappers
 Where:  http://www.uni-frankfurt.de/%7E/uudeview/ 
 Description: Tcl wrapper functions for decoding various encoded formats.
 Updated: 09/1996
 Contact:  mailto:[email protected]  (Frank Pilhofer)