A simple to use interface to Video For Linux Two

This is a by-product of the undroidwish research allowing to use cheap USB webcams to capture images into Tk photo images. A man page is in https://www.androwish.org/index.html/wiki?name=v4l2+command , the source code is in http://www.ch-werner.de/AndroWish/v4l2-src.tar.gz

Similar Tcl extensions with a similar feature set are tcluvc (see uvc on www.androwish.org ) and tclwmf (see wmf on www.androwish.org ).

See also How to make anaglyph using v4l2 loopback.

eds - 2017-06-15 22:53:46

I have used your example to whip up a simple **viewing** script, from a selection of cameras attached to my Linux box. But what about: control of exposure/brightness/etc? The functionality of v4l2-ctl utility, effectively, are there provisions for listing and dynamically controlling parameters?

chw That is where the parameters minor command in v4l2 comes into play, please try it out.

Also, I cannot figure out a way of capturing a stream, in addition to (or instead of, if I must) just showing it on the screen? Sort of a "record/stop recording" button? Could you provide a code sample, please?

chw This feature is way beyond of the v4l2 widget. Anyways you're able to store each single image in a file of your choice. If you really want to stream into a single file, the infrastructure is there, but the solution not. I'll be glad to add your contribution.