William King - interests and other things!

  • Database(s) - design/processing, Text Processing, Computerized Typesetting, building of simple tools and scripts, various Wiki etc.
  • Programming/scripting languages: Basic, Pascal, C, Tcl/TK, Python, Perl, Java, Rebol, PHP, mySQL, Unix shell and Unix utilities, LaTex, Tex (I support TUG) etc.
  • Trying to convince people that TCL/TK not just a funny name!
  • I do not participate in "Which Programming Language is the Best" wars! - Have too much fun mixing, matching and learning. (I do like TCL/TK a lot!)
  • Basically an Iterative programmer - See what you got, where you want to get to, how to and then do it.
  • Wondering how come a Liberal Arts person like me ever got into programming!
  • Willing to contribute if I can; even if I do find querky oddball stuff or am incorrect - its just a learning process after all!. (criticism accepted graciously) - wjk

Personal projects

  • Build Tcl/TK program for viewing and editing .xls (Excel spreadsheets). wjk tcom excel sample
  • Build Tcl/TK program for creating/building code in one of 4 languages (Java, Python, Tcl and Perl) for text processing.
  • Build Tcl/TK program to utilize 'dde' - select from list of URLs and display them in 'IE', 'FireFox' or 'Opera'. (too many URLs in my Favorites list).
  • Build Tcl/TK program to access - search - display mySQL database (small-medium size).
  • Build Tcl/TK program to encrypt/decrypt data text files via Python (Python Cryptography Toolkit) - DES3 encryption. [NB: tcllib has 3DES support.] <- Thank you!
  • Build Tcl/TK program to run within Unix (via X-windows) pipes to display data as it passes through
  • Build Tcl/TK program to display a canvas - drag and drop shapes onto canvas and create a .png image wjk canvas drag-n-drop sample
  • Other programs/scripts to learn things by.

Oddball stuff - Querks

The example below should not be used - thank you Lars H for pointing this out and explaining it to me:

   set foo "this is cool"
   set bar foo
   puts [expr $$bar]

tcom note

Excel and tcom code below worked:

            set EMPTY ""
            $cells Item $row $column $EMPTY

whereas the following did not appear to work for me:

            $cells Item $row $column ""