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wxTcl is a GUI extension to Tcl, based on wxWidgets, which previously was wxWindows, and wxGTK. Its intention is to provide a developer with an extension able to provide a native look and feel, contemporary looking programming constructs, AND still be able to operate within a normal Tcl and Tk application! wxWindows/wxGTK is a library - wxTcl is a binding for that library to Tcl. The original developer has discontinued development of wxTcl, but the source is available from mailto:[email protected] if someone would like to continue work on it.
mailto:[email protected] (Olivier Paquay)


VK 2005-07-12: While interesting ideas indeed, lack of sources is surprising. May be it is possible creating SF project, and making everyone who is interesting to be able to participate? Personally, I hardly can spent many time on this, but I can bother organizing a project on SF.

RLH 2005-08-28: I have talked to the author. The bottom line is the code is lost.

RLH 2005-09-02: I have created a wxTcl sourceforge project. It should show up soon. I have one C++ programmer that is very interested in seeing a wxTcl binding go forward. if you want to join the project let me know at: robert DOT hicks AT gmail DOT com

Scott Beasley 2008-03-12: Is the source for this package about anywhere?

RLH: I believe the answer is no. While this project fizzled as well, I did talk with the original wxTcl author and he did not have the source. This project would have to be started from scratch. Maybe another "Google Summer of Code" entry?