What: XOTcl-Light

Where: https://github.com/xdobry/xotcl-light

Description: XOTcl-Light is pure Tcl XOTcl compatible package build on top of TclOO. It allows to run XOTcl program directly with Tcl 8.6 without binary XOTcl library. XOTcl-Libht object are regular TclOO object. So they can be extended and manipulated directly by TclOO syntax.

Author: Artur Trzewik

XOTcl-Light does not support all XOTcl functions. Following functionality is not supported.

  • no complex slot attributes. Only simple parameter similar to earlier XOTcl versions.
  • no complex forward syntax only OOTcl forward
  • no unknown mechanism for creating object from class (MyClass create myinst, can not be written as MyClass myinst). It can be easy simulated but I do not use it
  • many introspection command does not support all options
  • self is not modified and work like in TclOO

XOTcl-Light seems to be twice slower than original XOTcl

Migrating between XOTcl and TclOO