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I'm currently finishing up a master's program in applied linguistics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, focusing on Alaska Native languages. My master's project, in progress, is an electronic dictionary of Aleut. The dictionary data is in XML; all work on the data is done using Tcl/Tk scripts relying heavily on tDOM. The dictionary interface (TBD) will be in Tcl/Tk as well, of course.

I can be reached at:

  [string map [list # @ / .] aric_bills#byu/net]

Special characters for Inupiaq:

 Dotted g: \u0120 \u0121
 Slashed l: \u0141 \u0142
 Dotted l: \u1E36 \u1E37
 Dotted, slashed l: \u0141\u0323 \u0142\u0323
 n "with a tail": \u014A \u014B
 n with tilde: \u00D1 \u00F1

Special characters for Aleut:

 g with circumflex: \u011C \u011D
 x with circumflex: X\u0302 x\u0302

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