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"Geographic information system"

CL has lots of toy maps (of US states, Norway, the Volga River, ...) written as Tcl programs, with "live" canvases, ... He's trying to figure out how to package them so others can see them. A hint of what's possible appears in "Open Cartography" [L1 ].

GRASS [L2 ] is an open-source GIS application that relies on Tk for its GUI.

DL Here is a page describing how to use - a service that converts addresses to long/lat - a necessity for using Google's map API.

In 2005-2006, there's been an explosion of useful 'Net resources. See, for example,

AM Here is a page devoted to Raster operations on the canvas that bears relation to GIS....

Zarutian is thinking about scanning and vectorizing several free maps of Iceland's Captialzone (?? Capital city/zone ??).

EKB There is a list of GIS applications that use Tcl/Tk at FreeGIS [L3 ].


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