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Holger Jakobs - mailto:[email protected] , see also and

I live in Bergisch Gladbach close to Köln in Germany teaching several IT related subjects. Up to September 2013 full-time at b.i.b. International College , but since then as a freelancer. My business page (page only in German, but my profile is in English) is

You find my new (as of 2015) Guard Tour System (based on Android phones with NFC and an app written in Java as well as a server and a desktop client written in Tcl/Tk) at

I'm into

  • Tcl/Tk -- not into Perl or Python
  • LaTeX -- not into Word
  • PostgreSQL -- not into MySQL
  • Linux -- not into Windows
  • LibreOffice -- not into M$ Office
  • Fossil -- not into Git

because I prefer the smarter solutions.

Most of my programming I do with Tcl/Tk, because I believe it is the easiest way to getting things done.

What I would like to have in Tcl/Tk is better support for sorting Unicode according to language-dependent rules instead of following the numerical order of the glyphs. see lsort and

Of course I have tried lots of programming languages:

  • Basic (Wang, Commodore, Simon's Basic) - it's been a long time!
  • FORTRAN - had to!
  • COBOL - had to, luckily only a little!
  • Pascal (Turbo, Professional) - its time is really over!
  • Modula-2 (JPI) - was my favourite for years! Took me some time to equip it with the 'widgets' (in text mode, of course) I needed. Was not very useful with Windows, only DOS.
  • C - took me quite some time to get used to what it all lacks. As a Modula-2-Programmer you are used to a more structured work. It's a pity that Modula-2 lost and C won.
  • C++ - at least some good ideas of Modula-2 came back here. Still too complicated building cross-platform GUIs. Maybe I'll try wxwidgets one day. Great as a language for jobs where no GUI is needed. Has improved a lot since C++11.
  • Realizer - was once a competitor of MS Visual Basic by Computer Associates. Not very good.
  • Tcl/Tk - the best and most complete kit of useful things I ever discovered
  • Java - is just too complicated, too deeply nested object hierarchy, although lots of useful classes. I use it for developing native Android apps.
  • JavaScripts - only for very little programming of Web pages, has improved a lot and has some good ideas, but JSON is still far more complex than Tcl's dict without delivering more.
  • PHP - only for two little jobs with MySQL (shudder!!) where nothing else was available
  • Python - attended a 5-day seminar in 2015. It's really not bad, and since it's so much in demand, I might do some jobs with it soon.