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TinyCobol homepage - a free cobol compiler with some connections to tcl/tk. (development stopped several years ago) There are a lot of tcl tools for interfacing this cobol with tcl, and tk for the GUIs, controlled back by cobol.

LV What are the connections? TCGUI - a GUI generator for TinyCobol :) There are a couple of other programs that makes (good) use of TclTk -- RP

I like to use starkits for many projects. One of the is my Tatu tiny web server (though http1.1 capable with routes and many advanced features). One example of program done with Tatu is my rssReader, Github project at [L1 ] which is used for reading news (my answer to the demise of Google Reader) from rss/atom feeds. The rssReader server is started and a browser (tested on Firefox and Google Chrome) points to it for reading the news by subject (catalogued in an OPML file).