Version 1 of TeamWave

Updated 2002-05-02 12:51:12

TeamWave developed a variety of collaboration tools, using Tcl and Tk extensively.

The standalone product, TeamWave Workplace, features a Tk-based desktop application offering whiteboard, chat, and a variety of other collaborative tools.

The newer web based versions don't require users to download client software. Though Tk is not used for the GUI (it is Java-applet based, again so that no download is required), Tcl and a Tk-like API are used on the server to drive the user interface.

The various products are written in a mix of Tcl and C, and rely on MetaKit for storage. The web versions also use AOLserver.

For more information, contact Mark Roseman.

The original web site [L1 ] has been essentially shut down, but Mark maintains a retrospective site [L2 ] with some additional links and information.