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What is Ubuntu?

A distribution of GNU/Linux Operating System based on Debian. Its main sponsor is Canonical,Ltd., an enterprise leaded by the south-african Mark Shuttleworth. Its main difference of ubuntu is the launching (i.e. new releases) that occur every six months and the fact that it supplies technical support for 18 months after the launching of the version.

It has a strong focus on usability and intenationalization. The original conception of Ubuntu was that it must have only open-source and costless software. It even has a service of a costless distribution of its CDs for the whole world. Every release has a codename, making it easier to get the adequate packages from the repositories.

It uses the Debain based APT tools for managing packages, which makes the package administration very efficient compared to the more used RPM tools on some other distributions.

The ubuntu Community doesn't distinguish novice and experts; it is very active on the Internet IRC chats. Its preferred graphical environment is GNOME, but it also can use KDE, where Kubuntu is a variant consisting of Ubuntu integrated with KDE.


RLH Besides it being another "flavor of the month" for Linux, how is this Tcl related?

snichols I'm hearing a lot of hype about this flavor of Linux. Has anyone used it, and what did you think? I tried running the bootable CD version, but got some boot errors and never made it to the desktop.

wdb Yes, for a few months I've been using Ubuntu (with Gnome). I am very pleased. IMHO even simpler in use than Win -- my experience in OSes from MS dates back to '97 where I bought Win95 which was definitely more difficult than Ubuntu.

But I have a problem: Ubuntu inhibits Tk's command raise and lower. In Kanotix, I could correct the same behaviour with some switch. Anybody out there who can tell me how to do it in Ubuntu?

LV It seems likely to me that it isn't Ubuntu, but the GNOME window manager you have choosen, which is the cause of the problem with raise and lower. Which window manager are you using? wdb Yes, it's GNOME. Any hint?

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