Version 6 of Vince Darley

Updated 2005-11-04 17:20:09

Vince [L1 ] works for an exceptionally interesting company [L2 ]. He seems to have deep knowledge about several aspects of Tcl, including MacOS versions, TEA, tracecommand, VFS (tclvfs), "Getting stock quotes over the internet", Plplot, and more. He maintains Alphatk.

Main contributions to Tcl, Tk have been:

The core-level virtual filesystem layer (TIP 17), and tclvfs, (all heavily based on original work from jcw and others).

Command-execution tracing's first implementation

Currently interested in improving the text widget - this has lead to a whole host of TIPs - 113, 155, 169, 256, which have added multi-line searches, proper handling of display lines (fixing the old 'scrollbar problem' with wrapped lines), peer text widgets (multiple views on the same underlying data), and a resolution of the old '-tabs {}' problem.

AMG: Vince's URL is a 404. Vince: not for me it isn't. Must've been temporary.

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