14th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting 2016

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WhenJune 25-26, 2016
WhereEindhoven, Netherlands
Email Contactmailto:[email protected]
Site ChairJan Nijtmans
Program ChairPaul Obermeier

Jan organized nice locations for the Come Together and the Social Event.

27 Tcl'ers from Armenia, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, UK and USA attended the meeting.

5 TCT members attended the meeting: Brian Griffin, Donal Fellows, Jan Nijtmans, Jos Decoster, Steve Landers.

The following company sponsored the meeting:

The following Tcl'ers presented a talk:

Steve Landers A Tcl-based Kanban board for Fossil tickets
Jan Nijtmans Semantic Versioning
René Zaumseil Testing the limits - tcl/tk in power plant simulation
Christian Werner AndroWish - 962 days later
Christian Gollwitzer Reflecting on EIAS
Richard Hipp Enhancing The Performance Of The TCL Core Using Microoptimizations
Jos Decoster & Steve Landers The evolution of the Tcler’s Wiki
Nathan Coulter coroutine is the new main
Paul Bloembergen & Frans van der Have Visualization of microscopic images with Tk
Koen Breugelmans A Tcl based toolchain for the Cortex-M3 (a 32-bit ARM v7-Microcontroller)
Thomas Lang Cascading Dict Args
Martyn Smith Session management library
Paul Obermeier BAWT - Build Automation with Tcl
Schelte Bron D-Bus bindings for Tcl