Paul Obermeier

Private home page with miscellaneous Tcl stuff at

Current main Tcl project is Tcl3D. New version 0.5.0 [1 ] released on 2010/12/31.

Member of the Img developer group. Supply of binary Img distributions at [2 ]. Updated on 2019/03/03 with SVN revision 457 (Img 1.4.9).

I'm a member of the Tcl'ers User Group Munich and co-organizer of the European Tcl/Tk User Meetings in Munich .

Contributions to the Wiki:

Tcl3D related pages:

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Other stuff:

  • BAWT is a Tcl based configurable framework for building C/C++ based software libraries from source code without user interaction. Version 1.1.1 released on 2020/01/12.
  • CAWT is a utility package based on TWAPI to script Microsoft Windows applications with Tcl via the COM interface. Version 2.4.7 released on 2019/11/03. Also part of BAWT.
  • poSoft utilities are some portable Tk programs. Version 2.5.1 released on 2019/11/23. Also part of BAWT.
  • tkButtonFly : Program inspired by SGI's buttonfly. Weekend fun project :-)
  • Building Tclkit on IRIX : How to build a Tclkit on SGI IRIX.