17th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting 2019

Registration is open and ends on June, 7th 2019.

Detailed information is available at http://www.eurotcl.eu

WhenJune 29-30, 2019
WhereNuremberg, Germany
Email Contactmailto:[email protected]
Site ChairReinhard Max
Program ChairPaul Obermeier

The following TCT members will attended the meeting: Donal Fellows, Brian Griffin, Jan Nijtmans.

The following Tcl'ers will give a presentation.

Csaba NemethiOn the scrollarea Widget and Scrollable Widget Containers
Richard HippWapp - A super-simple yet power, secure, and robust framework for writing web applications in Tcl
Michael KaelblingSPMC: SISLIDY Presentation Markup Compiler
Rene ZaumseilOO class like widgets
Uli EnderSolar installations on my balcony and Tcl
Brian GriffinTcl and the Qt Event Loop (Using Tcl in a Qt Application)
Axel NagelschmidtUsing Tcl in various places - A talk from a not so active Tcler
Christian WernerA new video driver for undroidwish (and other goodies)
Gerhard ReithoferBarcode interface to an existing ERP system using TCL and Androwish
Harald Oehlmann(Professional) Android Bar Code device application
John BuckmanCoffee Without Java - Making an espresso machine which runs on Tcl
Jan NijtmansFull Unicode support in Tcl 9.0
Johann Oberdorfer DBM - A new task management tool