8th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting


The eighth edition of the European Tcl/Tk User Meeting took place at IGBMC near Strasbourg (France) from 5th to 6th of June 2009.

The presentations of this meeting are available at the EuroTcl site .

PO Like last year, the conference was great fun with interesting presentations and face-to-face talks with other Tclers. Thanks to Luc, Jean and the other co-organizers.

Martyn Smith I would like to join Paul in saying that it was a great conference and thanks to all at IGBMC for their great welcome.

RZ I would like to join in the thanks to the IGBMC people. It was really nice.

stevel would like to thank Luc and whoever else organised the video stream - very much appreciated

AM Adrien Peulvast and Eric Boudaillier presented a very interesting system for railway signalling, showing the capabilities of an extension of the canvas widget (or rather tkpath's version of that). One aspect of that was relatively easy to implement in the standard canvas: Attracting objects on the canvas

DKF: A few notes on what I think people at EuroTcl were looking for this year. Note that these notes are based on talking to a lot of people and they deliberately exclude things that are strongly on the 8.6 workplan (especially: thread extension, Tk-4-Cocoa)

  • Tcl
    • IPv6
    • UDP (including a datagram-oriented model; tcludp is not enough here)
    • Unix-domain sockets
    • Asynchronous name lookup
    • Flexible array back-ends though some kind of SPI (so can support BLT vector better)
  • Tk

My list also includes GC-for-TclOO, but that's my desire and not others...


Friday, June 5th

- Paul OBERMEIER, Tcl3D - Next level, please! [L1 ]

- Daniel STEFFEN, New embeddable Mac OS X CoreFoundation Notifier in Tcl 8.5.7 [L2 ]

- Daniel STEFFEN, BOF: MacTcl/AquaTk [L3 ]

- Arjen MARKUS, A computational framework for flood risk assessment in the Netherlands [L4 ]

- Adrien PEULVAST, Eric BOUDAILLIER, Use of Tcl/Tk in railway signalling simulation and maintenance software [L5 ]

- Axel NAGELSCHMIDT, Application Development in TCL [L6 ]

- Tomasz KOSIAK, BOF: Google Summer of Code 2009 [L7 ]

- Krzysztof BLICHARSKI, Google Summer of Code 2009: Tcl/Tk Printing Support [L8 ]

- Lukas MIADOWICZ, Google Summer of Code 2009: Tk Image Photo Enhancement [L9 ]

Saturday, June 6th

- Marc HOFFMANN, TWD: a simple tcl web dispatcher [L10 ]

- Jos DECOSTER, Let's Wub [L11 ]

- Alexios ZAVRAS, Tcl for accessing online storage [L12 ]

- Axel NAGELSCHMIDT, Application Server in TCL [L13 ]

- Donal K. FELLOWS, The State of Tcl/Tk [L14 ]

- Organizers, Discussion on EuroTcl Future