A little GUI tester

Peter Spjuth 2007-02-26: Needing to do some simple automated testing of the Nagelfar GUI, and not really feeling comfortable with the Record and replay system for Tcl/Tk style of doing things, I made a little helper package. I called it TkTest for lack of imagination.

The man page is at [L1 ] and the package is available from Nagelfar's download.

Peter Spjuth 2010-03-06: This package is moving to [L2 ]

escargo - I don't see a license file for the TkTest code; what license is it governed by?

It is the same as for Tcl. License file added.

Examples from the man page:

  tktest::init MyApp
  # Press button labeled "Run"
  tktest::press Run
  # Select Menu entry "Exit" in menu "File"
  tktest::menu File Exit
  # Right click mouse over the listbox's second element and select
  # the Delete entry from the popup menu.
  set w [tktest::widget -class Listbox]
  set c [tktest::coord $w bbox 1]
  tktest::mouse right $c
  tktest::menu "Delete"
  tktest::key Escape
  # Read the text from the first Label in the window
  set t [tktest::widget -class Label -pos 0 -eval "cget -text"]
  # Type an A at the end of the entry
  tktest::cmd focus [tktest::widget -class Entry]
  tktest::key End
  tktest::key A