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escargo 11 Nov 2003 - Would it make sense to more finely divide the different kinds of testing? I see at least a couple of markedly different kinds: unit testing frameworks (like tcltest and tclunit), and test tools that replace interactive users (like Android and cwind). Both kinds are testing, but they are not really interchangeable.

Jorge Moreno 11-Nov-2003 in fact, there is one more kind, testing in terms of applications for hardware products testing, where a "Test Executive", "script sequencer" or the like (made in Tcl of course) could be very useful

This framework usually takes care of GPIB communication, serial, and some other interfaces for instrumentation control.

Also, it is a sequencer for other scripts to run, where the order of execution can be modified, you can skip test, cycle the test, etc

This framework is also "dataloging" (usually CSV) information about units tested.

And it is always showing a final-status-message to the operator that is testing the product, a big PASS or FAIL message.

Something like this:

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