Alistair Grant

I can be reached at:

   alistair (at) alphalink.com.au

(I receive enough spam without web crawlers picking this up, sorry).

Alistair's major interests are:

Tcl on an iPAQ 5450

Most frequently visited PocketPC pages:


An enhanced version of Wikit is described in AKG Wikit and available for download from [L1 ].

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Most frequently visited Wikit pages:

Old Stuff

Wikit Patches (these are out of date now, see AKG Wikit):

  • Wikit Reference Formatting is a patch for Wikit to 1) allow labels to be specified in references to internal and external pages, 2) Allow line breaks in paragraphs and list items and 3) define headings.
  • Wikit web Cancel button is a patch for Wikit to add a cancel button to the web editing page.
  • Wikit web Search prompt is a patch for Wikit to provide more descriptive instructions in the web search page.