Now, with Nikit (Oct-2018), It could be a good idea to have some "This wiki's history" * When this wiki originally started?

[Information on this page needs refreshed, given that during 2007 the entire engine was replaced with wubwikit. ]

Wikit is the Wiki engine used in the Tclers Wiki (see About the Wiki), but it can be used in a number of other ways:

  • as a CGI process (see Wikit under CGI), in which case it becomes a part of your web server - making collaborative editing possible
  • it can be used standalone, running locally with a Tcl/Tk graphical front end (see Wikit in local mode) - providing includes a high-performance search facility and making it very easy to browse and edit information off-line.
  • via its own embedded web server (see How to grow your own Wiki) - allowing you to run a web based wiki even on platforms without a web server - such as a Windows desktop!
  • embedded in your application - providing a hyperlinked and searchable help system (see adding the wikit to your script).

The name "Wikit" can be interpreted in two ways:

  1. An implementation of Wiki in Tcl
  2. An implementation of Wiki using Metakit.

Both are accurate.

Wikit itself is fully self contained in a single platform-independent file, called a Starkit It requires a platform-dependent runtime called Tclkit. The contents of the Wiki are contained in a single file Metakit database.

One useful application is to provide a local copy of the Tcler's Wiki - see wiki database for offline use

You can't see the full size of the file until the download is done. In case you're wondering, wikit.gz had 5,640 Kb on July 14, 2003. 6,500 Kb in December, 2003. 7,500 Kb in February, 2004. 8,500 in May, 2004. And growing. It hit 9638 KB in February 13, 2005. On November 10, 2005 the size is 10,928 Kb. On September 25 2006, the size is 14,500 Kb. On January 17, 2007, the size is 15,939,580 bytes! There are over 17,880 pages, and over 44 megabytes of page text.

The wikit home page is

There is also a repository at

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