Among the Web servers which provide native Tcl support, AOLserver is renowned for its exceptional performance and potent database connectors.


aolserver 4.5 installs nicely with tcl8.5.5 on Arch Linux,

a nicer uptime section of the default index.adp is :

} elseif {$uptime < 3600} {
    set mins [expr $uptime / 60]
    set secs [expr $uptime - ($mins * 60)]

    set uptime "[format %.2d $mins]:[format %.2d $secs]"
} elseif {$uptime < 86400} {
    set hours [expr $uptime / 3600]
    set mins [expr ($uptime - ($hours * 3600)) / 60]
    set secs [expr $uptime - (($hours * 3600) + ($mins * 60))]

    set uptime "${hours}:[format %.2d $mins]:[format %.2d $secs]"
} else {
    set days [expr $uptime / 86400]
    set hours [expr ($uptime - ($days * 86400)) / 3600 ]
    set mins [expr ($uptime - (($days * 86400) + ($hours * 3600))) / 60]
    set secs [expr ($uptime - (($days * 86400) + ($hours * 3600) + ($mins * 60)))]

    set uptime "${days}d-[format %.2d $days]h-[format %.2d $mins]m-[format %.2d $secs]s"

Zoran Vasiljevic has "written a module for AOLserver called tdomtdp that uses Jochen Loewer's tDOM and builds pages as DOM trees on the fly." [L1 ]

Daniel P. Stasinski is working on such projects as encryption for AOLserver, updated administrations, and so on.

CL maintains more comments on AOL at .

JAC Don't forget about the AOLserver Wiki

BOOK Database Backed Web Sites and BOOK Tcl for Web Nerds -> -> OpenACS

The site is filled with interesting information for the Tcl programmer. For instance, appears to be a working draft of a book initially called "SQL for Web Nerds". It is a tutorial on SQL, using the AOLserver as a base and Tcl as the programming language. There are other items such as , which is the web version of the book "Database Backed Web Sites". Then there is the ArsDigita Community System, a database driven web forum. -> OpenACS

 What: AOLserver
 Where:  ???  ???  ???[email protected]/msg01051.html  ??? 
 Description: Once known as GNNserver, this is a HTTP server available
        for use on Alpha and Intel NT, Digital OSF, HP/UX,
        SPARC and Intel Solaris 2.5, Linux, SGI Irix.  It now also
        runs on some Win32 platforms and has MacOS X support.
        The software is free for personal use.  See the above location
         for more details.  The server supports Tcl 8.2.3 and uses it
         to interface with all parts of the server environment.
        It is reported that you can even embed Tcl in the HTML pages
         you wish to serve, for dynamic html generation purposes.
        See the PrimeHost Develop web page above for various Tcl procs
         for achieving things like using Netscape and Frames to edit
         Tcl scripts, a URL selection routine, dynamic database pages, etc.
        At RubyLane, the creator has a Tcl function that can be used to
         generate persistent numeric sequences.
        A new version of nssolid is available on the aolserver ftp site.
        The server at am net has an ASP-style ADP parser,
         which plugs in as a module and allows for HTML code outside of special
         tags to be parsed by Tcl.
        The stefan arentz site has various add on modules, including
         version 0.2 of source code to support OpenSSL on AOLServer 3.0b4,
         as well as version 0.2 of source code to support Netscape
         Roaming Profiles.
        Code to run threaded Tcl 8.2.3 with HP10 exists in the source
         repositories - see nsd/tclNsThread.c .
        See the dqd site for various utility code to enhance programming
         the AOLserver, as well as a DB2 driver and a ns_detach that
         keeps a file open across requests.
        At the vivtek site find a perl script to fix the dates in the
         AOLserver's log files.
        At the i-no site you can find a module for AOLserver that enables
         dynamic chart generation through Tcl scripting, using a modified
         version of the GDChart and GD libraries.  Supports bar, line, area,
         and hi/low/close charts in both 2 and 3 dimensions.
        A Postgres driver for AOLserver 2.x and 3.x newer than what is
         in the AOLserver source distribution can be found at either the
         ramifordistat site or at the site for the
         ACS-PG project.
        The code at scheffers site is for handling cookies.
        Contact Freddie Mendoza <[email protected] for a AOLserver plugin
         that allows communication with the Tomcat servlet engine  .
        The c2 web site is a SSL proxy front end for AOLserver.
        Daniel Stasinski mailto:[email protected]  has written
         modules to do blowfish and twofish encryption on strings.
        The mcazzell site has a new adpfancy module for testing.
        Contact Barrie Selack mailto:[email protected]  for
         code and information regarding a module to handle customized
         404 error pages.
        Info regarding a MySQL driver can be found at the plconline site.
        Info regarding a MySQL driver can be found at the panoptic web site.
         Source and Intel Linux 2.2 and Win32 binaries are available.
        Info regarding a MySQL driver can be found at the macula web site.
        Contact Brent Fulgham mailto:[email protected] 
         regarding an AOLserver plugin to run Python scripts in an embedded
         Python interpreter within AOLserver.
        For generating reports with multiple levels of summarization and
         sub-headings/sub-totals at each level, check out the walters
         demon web site.
        The source code for AOLserver v3.0 is now available at the
         sourceforge CVS site.  It is OpenSource license.
        At digitalsesame are some patches for AOLServer 3.0.AD4 and Tcl 8.3.1
         so that the two work together.
        nsjava is a loadable c module that embeds a Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
         in process and lets you call Java static methods directly from
        ADP/tcl pages.
        A new nsssl2 module (compilable with RSA BSAFE v 45.x) is available
         at scottg.
        nstomcat is a module that runs servlets in-process on AOLserver,
         using the Tomcat servlet engine.
        See the ArsDigita entry below for a popular Web community software
         project based on this server.
        The scriptkitties web site is NOT a site for web crackers, but rather a
         administration package for AOLserver which provides live online
         database admin, tcl scripting, immediate source changes in all
         interps, and online viewing of logs.  Requires AOLserver 3.x,
         PostgreSQL 6.5-7.02, and the latest nspostgres module from CVS.
        The zill web site has the Tcl, C, and Drive API reference docs online
         with the ability to add comments to each page.
        The tcljava message quoted above discusses an effort to add TclBlend
         support to AOLserver 3.x.
        The fifthgate reference above discusses steps to parse XML documents
         in AOLserver via ArsDigita's ns_xml module.
        If you check the aolserver support page mentioned above, you should
         find references to specialized newsgroups specifically oriented
         towards answering AOLserver questions.
        The pywx site covers a Python scripting module for AOLServer which
         also allows access to Tcl commands as necessary.
        The stellardata site has the url2file module for virtual hosting.
        The zmbh site has a vhost module for AOLserver.
        The test tcl site has ns2x, to make xml/xslt to html conversion
        Currently at version 4.0.10 .
 Updated: 07/2002
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] 

 What: AOLserver example code (Kee)
 Where:  ???
 Description: Sample code relating to the AOLserver.  One example
        mentioned was code to manage ns_schedule'd jobs.
 Updated: 04/1998
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  Tom Kee

 What: AOLserver InterBase external driver
 Where:  ???  ???
 Description: Stand alone executable database proxy daemon that translates
        AOLserver database requests into InterBase specific API calls.
        Uses TCP/IP so it can run on a different host than the AOLserver.
        Supports BLOBs, parametrized queries and native InterBase v6
        datatype support.  Requires you to have InterBase 6 installed.
        Currently at version 1.1.
 Updated: 11/2000
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  (Sebastian Skracic)

 What: AOLserver MySQL driver
 Description: MySQL/mSQL driver for the AOLserver HTTP server.
 Updated: 05/2000

 What: AOLserver upload handling
 Where: From the contact
 Description: Tcl module that enables decoding of Netscape's
        input type=file processing.
 Updated: 09/1997
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  (David Whittle)

 What: ArsDigita Community System
 Description: An AOLserver/ORACLE based Tcl web application that provides
        users with forums and other web based applications.
        The ArsDigita Community System (ACS) is an database backed web
         collaboration tool originally written for Oracle and also ported
         to InterBase DBMS, release 4.0, available on Linux at no charge.
        ACS operates on top of AOLServer, a free HTTP server.
        Now includes the source for the Oracle driver as well as the
         nscache, nsrewrite, and nssha1 modules.
        Source is available and binaries for Redhat Linux and Solaris
         are available.  A Windows version is being developed.
        Information regarding exporting of Tcl wrappers for OpenLDAP compliant
         libraries is available on arsdigita, with more info and code on
        The Ybos web page has new ArsDigita modules for group scoping,
         event planning and content management.
        A version based on PostgreSQL is available at benadida.
        ArsDigita has their own release of AOLserver (v3.2+ad10),
         as well as Oracle drivers, etc.  See the acs-repository URL.
        Recently ArsDigita moved to a Java based distribution.  However, the
         OpenACS project took over the Tcl based software from what
         I understand.  OpenACS is at version 3.2.5 with a version 4 b2 in
 Updated: 07/2002
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] 

 What: gequal
 Description: A heavily modified version of the easytcl development
        script.  Features ability to create and edit Tcl HTML files,
        ability to invoke various aolserver tcl functions, includes
        a simple Statistics script, evaluates sub directories,
        has informative main pages, can be used stand-alone,
        manage virtual servers, etc. all in one window.
        access_log analysis is available now.  Requires AOLServer
        versions 2.1 or greater.
        See the uni-bochum WWW site for a demo of the software. Use
        "guest,easytcl" as user-password combination.
 Updated: 08/1997
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  (W.Bathelt)

 What: Web Slideshow
 Description: A demonstration of a web slide show using the AOLserver
        and its built-in Tcl interpreter.
 Updated: 08/1997
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  (Krison J. Rehberg)

 What: nstcl
 Description: Tcl package that implements many of
        the AOLserver's ns_* routines, including the ns_db API.  
 Updated: 12/2002
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  (Michael A. Cleverly)

 What: nspostgres
 Description: In this version, Jim Lynch made some improvements to the build process, and cleaned up the error reporting code.
        Currently at version 4.1 .
 Updated: 07/2007
 Contact: See web site

"CriTCL 0.32 works fine with AOLserver 4.0", according to Zoran Vasiljevic.

ARR 2013-07-30 Is there anybody using AOLserver 4.5.1 or later on Windows who managed ns_proxy to work? Nice to hear from you.


Hi I installed aolserver 4.5.2 debian 7.5 amd64 with /tcl/bin/tclsh8.6 nsconfig.tcl -install /aolserver but when I ran bin/nsd -ft nsd.tcl it complains: can't find, so I symlinked /tcl/lib/ into /aolserver/lib now it works but I wonder what should I have done while installing to not need the symlink?

I installed tcl 8.6.1 into /tcl with threads and shared libs.

I wonder why it didn't pick up the right path for tcl..

I even added /tcl/lib to /etc/ and ran ldconfig.